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 After some adjustments our Calorific Value Calculator is online, now!

With our tool you will be able to calculate the calorific value of a waste mixture, and use the result subsequently for a rough design of a Waste-to-Energy plant.

Based on own present data, supplemented with information from OSCD database we started to establish a data collection, meanwhile containing waste mixtures from several countries and continents.

First step is to select continent, type of area and settlement as well as city or community which could be comparable to your demands.

The waste mixture, generated from the database, could be adapted with own values. For example, the water content has a strong effect on waste mixture's calorific value.

The rough design of the Waste-to-Energy plant is based on waste mixture's calorific value. Distinctions are possible for the thermal use of the plant by "maximum electricity", "mix of electricity and heat" and "maximum heat". As well, specifications of mass flow rate and availability will be necessary.

With the Calorific Value Calculator a first and rough design of a Waste-to-Energy plant is possible. Do you have further questions? Can we assist you in planning a Waste-to-Energy plant? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your interest. [read more ...]

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