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Fire Protection

In recent years there have been a large number of fires with high personal and material damage. Subsequent investigations showed that often inadequate fire protection was the cause of the fire. Against the backdrop of these tragic events, preventive fire protection has become much more important in recent years, so that authorities are paying more and more attention to correctly implemented fire protection.

However, the correct fire protection design is complex. On the one hand, an increasingly dense jungle of paragraphs leads to new legal requirements, on the other hand, fire protection is always interlocked with all the trades involved during planning and construction so that the overall project must always be kept in view.

As specialist planners and experts in preventive fire protection, we develop a need- and protection-oriented overall service package for you. Together with our in-house expertise in the fields of construction, technical building services, and electrical engineering, our solutions are always individual and customer-oriented. Our range of services includes:

  • Basic services and special services of the service profiles according to AHO series of publications Volume 17 "Fire Protection" (in particular implementation planning, tendering/contracting site management and construction supervision)
  • New and updating of fire protection certificates and fire protection concepts
  • Fire safety statements
  • Concepts for fire water supply and fire water retention
  • Preparation of escape and rescue route plans and fire brigade plans
  • Accompaniment of structural fire protection measures for new buildings, during renovation and conversion measures
  • Concept development and planning in the field of safety power supply systems, emergency power supply systems and safety lighting systems
  • Concepts for smoke extraction from buildings
  • Support in the preparation of fire protection regulations
  • Support with dealing with authorities
  • Dimensioning of fire extinguisher equipment
  • Examination of plans for third parties.

In cooperation with the engineering office io-bau ingenieurbau- & objektplanung GmbH from Hanover, a wide variety of small and large projects have been planned, supervised, and realized over the last decades.

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We are more than happy to support your construction project. Please feel free to contact us.

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