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Hydrothermal Carbonization HTC

Hydrothermal Carbonization HTC

As a biomass conversion technology, Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) converts wet biomass-waste (feedstock) into coal-like products with new properties (e. g. better dewatering property or a higher heating value). HTC is suitable as a (pre-)treatment technology for different kinds of organic waste, digestate or sewage sludge with high moisture contents.

Since the rediscovery in the year 2006, a substantial progress has been made in the development of HTC. This can be seen in developed business models, the variety of successful accomplished research projects or the number of pilot plants, which were constructed. Now, there are different plant engineers and constructors on the market. All of them use different process engineering concepts.

Dr. Tammo Rebling was research fellow in the project "hydrothermal carbonization in Lower Saxony – development, improvement and simulating a continuous pilot plant" at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück and worked as assistant lecturer for basic principles of bioprocess engineering. In April 2016 he received his doctorate in technical chemistry at the TU Braunschweig. Since then he is working for umwelttechnik & ingenieure GmbH.

You will find his article 'Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) – A technology for the treatment of organic sludge' here:

  adobe Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) – A technology for the treatment of organic sludge 
   adobe  Hydrothermal Carbonisierung (HTC) – ein Verfahren zur Behandlung organischer Abfälle oder Schlämme

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