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Sewage Sludge

Sewage Sludge

In the course of the amendment to sewage sludge regulation (AbfKlärV) and fertilizer regulation (DüV / DüMV) in Germany, the legally compliant treatment and disposal of sewage sludge has been redefined. Limited output quantities, pending restraints on flocculants, and other requirements lead to significantly increased disposal prices, forcing wastewater treatment plant operators and disposal companies to re-examine the economic and environmental efficiency of their process chains and to adopt new approaches.

Within the course of various projects, we have dealt with the design of drainage stages, the comparison of different procedures and designs of sewage sludge drying plants, up to the planning of complete mono-incineration plants with a view to a forthcoming phosphorus recovery.

In this field of activity, we support our customers from the first idea to feasibility studies, design and approval planning, tendering and procurement procedures to implementation with construction supervision and commissioning.
Core topics include:

  • Economic feasibility studies and variant comparisons
  • Drainage of sewage sludge
    • Mechanical drainage
    • Thermal outcrops (e.g. HTC or thermo-pressure hydrolysis)
  • Drying process
    • Contact drying
    • Convection drying
    • Radiation drying
    • Solar drying
    • Grounding
  • Logistics planning
  • Sewage sludge disposal
    • Mono-sludge incineration
  adobe The Process of the Thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge (German)

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