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Business Case Calculator

Business Case Calculator

The values of the top table are individually adjustable resp. valuable. In the following tables calculated values and other fixed values are only being listed. All assumptions and dependencies used for calculation are based on our experiences.

By using basis data "waste amount", "lower calorific value" and "availability" the "firing capacity" of the plant will be calculated.

For specification of the energy usage items "power" and "heat generation" please notice:

The factor for a pure condensation without steam extraction (Energy usage: "max. electricity") will be max. 0.33; less for additional steam extraction. For pure use of steam without production of electricity (Energy usage: "max. heat") the factor has to be max. 0.8; less for additional production of electricity.

Results of the calculation with your data and basis values will be presented in a diagram. It shows course of revenues, OPEX (operational expenditure), depreciation, EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes), total interest payments plant und EBT (earnings before taxes).

With the Business Case Calculator a rough estimate of the feasibility of a waste incineration plant plant is possible.

Do you have further questions? Can we assist you in planning a Waste-to-Energy plant? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your interest.

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