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The following tool enables you to make an initial estimate of the economic efficiency of a waste incineration plant (waste-to-energy plant). By entering the various parameters, you can roughly estimate whether the planned plant will be refinanced by the price (gate fee) of the delivered waste or whether, due to the energy prices, it can be an energy generation plant that can operate with very low gate fees.

The values in the uppermost table "User data" can be changed or selected and thus adapted to your system. The following tables show calculated results and other fixed values. The assumptions and dependencies made in the calculation are based on empirical values in the planning, construction and operation of waste incineration plants.

The basic data "waste amount", "lower calorific value" und "availibilty" ergeben die "firing capacity" of the plant.

When defining the parameter for energy use, you should consider the following:

For pure full condensation without steam extraction (Energy usage: "max. electricity") the factor is max. 0.33; for additional steam extraction this factor must be lower. In the case of pure steam production without electricity production (Energy usage: "max. heat") this factor is max. 0.8; with additional electricity production this factor is lower.

The results of the calculation with the values you have entered and the values that cannot be changed are displayed in a graphic. The chart shows the course of revenues, OPEX (operational expenditure), depreciation, EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes), total interest payments plant and EBT (earnings before taxes). This allows you to see the profitability of your plant.

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