Design and Project Phases

We take over the planning of your project. Whether as a general planner or as a planner for individual sub-areas - we support you actively in all work phases of the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) from planning, construction supervision, and project management. Our services are described below using the example of the engineering structures:

Project Management and Site Management

Through us you get a strong team, which you need for a successful construction project. We serve the four pillars of every construction project management, regardless of whether it is a small or large project, a pure construction project or the realisation of a complex process engineering plant.

Schedule management

Within the scope of schedule management, we prepare a superordinate project schedule for you, which is kept up-to-date throughout the entire project, so that proper control and monitoring of the construction project is possible. We evaluate scenarios, prepare analyses and carry out target/actual comparisons. We coordinate time schedules so that the targets can be met as far as possible.

Interface Management

When carrying out construction measures with (many) different trades, there are always problems between the parties involved. We are not afraid to take up these problems and to solve them in the interest of the client, taking all interests into account. With our many years of experience in small and large projects, we have gained experience that helps us to identify and solve interface problems in advance, before they arise.

Cost Management

Good cost management may cost you money, but it saves you stress and spares your nerves. Through our cost-conscious project management and our striving for an optimal cost-benefit ratio, you can also create financial security for yourself. Through meaningful cost forecasts and prompt cost monitoring, we create solutions together with the client to ensure that costs do not get out of hand.

Approval Management

We help you not only during the design and approval planning, but also with the planning and implementation of your approval procedure during the construction phase. We support you in obtaining official permits, in coordinating and monitoring compliance with official requirements.


Basic Evaluation

We take up basic information in the determination of requirements, stocktaking, and location analysis. Together with our client, we develop a goal-oriented project structure. We offer the following services:

- Clarification of the task on the basis of the client's specifications
- Determination of the planning constraints
- Consultations on the total power requirement
- Formulation of decision-making aids for the selection of other technical participants in the planning
- Clarification of the task definition for a possibly required structural design
- Site inspection
- Summarize, explain and document the results
- Selection and inspection of similar objects.

Preliminary Planning

We agree on the objectives with our client, point out conflicts, and concretise the ideas in the preliminary planning phase, so that implementation possibilities are presented in construction drawings, flow charts or similar. Our services in this area include:

- Analysis of the present fundamentals
- Coordination of the objectives with the public law framework conditions and the planning of third parties
- Investigation of possible solutions with their influences on structural and constructive design, expediency, economic efficiency, taking into account environmental compatibility
- Procurement and evaluation of official map
- Development of a planning concept including the examination of alternative solutions according to the same requirements with graphic representation and evaluation, incorporating the contributions of other technical participants in the planning
- Clarification and explanation of the essential technical connections, processes, and conditions
- Advance coordination with authorities and other parties professionally involved in planning on the eligibility for approval, if necessary, participation in negotiations on subsidies and cost-sharing
- Revision of the planning concept according to concerns and suggestions
- The cost estimate, comparison with the financial framework
- Summarize, explain and document the results
- Creation of line inventory plans
- In-depth studies to demonstrate sustainability aspects
- Preparation of cost-benefit analyses
- Performance Audit
- Obtaining extracts from the land register, cadastre, and other official documents.

Design Planning

Within the framework of the design planning, we work out a design for our client that is ready for approval, taking into account the essential connections, conditions, and specifications. This includes the following services:

- Preparation of a draft on the basis of the preliminary planning
- Drawing representation in the required scope and level of detail
- Provision of the results of the work as a basis for the other parties involved in the planning as well as integration and coordination of the sectoral planning
- Execution of technical calculations
- Identification and justification of eligible costs
- Helping to draw up a financing plan and preparing applications for financing
- Assist in explaining the preliminary draft to third parties
- Revision of the preliminary draft based on concerns and suggestions
- Preliminary coordination of the approval capability with authorities
- Cost calculation including associated quantity determination, comparison of the cost calculation with the cost estimate
- Preparation of construction time and cost plan
- Determination of the main construction phases, taking into account the control of traffic and the maintenance of operations during the construction period
- Summarize, explain and document the results
- Updating of benefit-cost studies
- Participation in administrative arrangements
- Demonstration of overriding reasons of overriding public interest justifying the need for the measure (e.g. site and species protection under Council Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora (OJ L 206, 22.7.1992, p. 7)
- Fiktivkostenberechnungen (Kostenteilung).

Approval Planning

Our experienced approval planning team takes over the approval management for our client. This includes the following services:

- Preparation and compilation of all documents for the necessary public law procedures or approval procedures
- Preparation of the land purchase plan and the land purchase register
- Completion and adaptation of the planning documents, descriptions and calculations
- Coordination with the authorities involved
- Participation in approval procedures, including participation in explanatory or discussion meetings
- Contribute to the preparation of opinions on concerns
- Helping to obtain the consent of affected persons

Our great strength is the coordination of the experts required for the approval procedure!

Detailed Design

Within the framework of the implementation planning, we concretise the preceding design planning or approval planning to such an extent that the construction project can be realised. Our services in this service phase include:

- Preparation of the detailed design based on the results of the design and approval planning
- Graphic representation
- Explanations and calculations belonging to the object planning with all individual details necessary for the execution including detailed drawings in the required scales
- Provision of the work results
- Completion of the implementation planning during the execution of the project
- Cross-project, integrated construction sequence planning
- Coordination of the overall project
- Preparation of flow charts and network plans
- Design of process engineering plants for civil engineering structures in accordance with § 41 numbers 1 to 3 and 5, which are assigned to the contractor, who also provides the basic services for the respective civil engineering structures.

Preparation of the Award

Our experienced team first agrees with the client on the award strategy, number, and distribution of the award units (trades) and the type of tender. Based on this, we prepare both performance descriptions with a performance programme (functional tender) and performance descriptions with specifications (mass specifications). Our services in this phase include:

- Determination of quantities according to individual items
- Preparation of the award documents incl. qualitative implementation regulations
- Definition and coordination of interfaces to other service descriptions and awarding units
- Determination of the essential execution phases
- Determination of the costs on the basis of the service specifications priced by the planner (design author)
- Cost control by comparing the specifications priced by the planner (design author) with the cost calculation
- Compilation of the tender documents
- Detaillierte Planung von Bauphasen bei besonderen Anforderungen.

Involvement of the Awarding Authority

In this service phase, we support the client in obtaining comparable offers, reviewing, and preparing the award of the contract. Our services in this phase include:

- Request for quotes
- Checking and evaluating the offers
- Establishing a price comparison list
- Coordination and compilation of the services of all parties involved in the award of contracts
- Conducting bidder discussions
- Preparation of award proposals
- Documentation of the award procedure
- Preparation of the contractual documents
- Comparison of the tender results
- Participation in the placing of orders
- Check and value secondary offers.

Site Management

Object monitoring/specialist construction management

In this service phase, especially construction supervision and documentation is one of our core competences. In doing so, we make sure that the building permit, the execution plans and the performance specifications are complied with. The services we offer include

- Implementation of local construction supervision
- Supervision of the local construction supervision
- Coordination of the parties involved in the object monitoring
- Checking plans for conformity with the object to be executed and assisting in their release
- Setting up, updating and monitoring the schedule
- Initiating and assisting in putting the exporting companies in default
- Cost determination, comparison of the cost determination with the order amount
- Acceptance of construction works, services and deliveries with the participation of the local construction supervision
- Monitoring of the tests of the functionality of the plant components and the entire plant
- Request for and participation in official inspections
- Transfer of the object
- Listing the limitation periods for claims for defects
- Compiling and handing over the documentation of the construction process, the as-built documentation and the maintenance instructions
- Cost control
- Determination of defects, preparation of a record of the result of the acceptance
- Checking supplements
- Creation of a building book
- Creation of as-built plans
- Local construction supervision
- Plausibility check of the stakeout
- Supervision of the execution of construction works
- Assist in briefing the contractor on the construction project (construction start-up meeting)
- Monitoring the execution of the object for compliance with the documents released for execution, the construction contract and the client's specifications
- Check and evaluate the authorization of supplements
- Performing or arranging for control tests
- Monitoring the elimination of defects detected during the acceptance of the services
- Documentation of the construction process
- Collaboration with the executing companies during the measurement and checking of the measurements
- Participation in official approvals
- Participation in the acceptance of services and deliveries
- Audit, comparison of the results of the audits with the amount of the contract
- Participation in monitoring the testing of the functionality of the plant components and the entire plant
- Monitoring the execution of structures in accordance with Annex 14.2 Fee zones I and II with very low and low planning requirements for compliance with the proof of stability.

Planning is our core competence! Contact us!

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