Center for Resources and Energy in Hamburg

Zentrum für Ressourcen und Energie (ZRE)


Stadtreinigung Hamburg plans to combine essential aspects of the energy turnaround with aspects of the resource revolution with the Centre for Resources and Energy (ZRE), located at the site of the former waste incineration plant at Stellinger Moor.

Only a few commercial sectors are able to provide a sustainable contribution for both, the area of conservation of resources and the Energiewende (transition to renewable energy mix) waste management can. The planned Centre for Resources and Energy is going to consist of five plant sections, treating different waste streams and converting them for recycling and energetic reuse.

Currently, the investment for the Center for Resources and Energy is estimated to be approx. 280 million Euro. Presumably, the completion of all plant sections will be completed in 2025.

Plant section 1: Sorting facility for up to 140,000 Mg/a of mixed municipal waste which corresponds to the amount of municipal waste

Plant section 2: Digestion and composting of 45,000 Mg/a source segregated kitchen and yard waste

Plant section 3: Treatment of biogas (Amin Wash), which is fed into the public natural gas grid

Plant section 4: Biomass power plant with a thermal capacity of 47 MW

Plant section 5: RDF power plant with a thermal capacity of 47 MW


The Lead of the design consortium BIEGEZRE consisting of the following companies:

  • umwelttechnik & ingenieure GmbH
  • CONVIS Bau & Umwelt Ingenieurdienstleistungen GmbH, Berlin
  • iba Ingenieurbüro für Abfallwirtschaft Energietechnik GmbH, Hannover
  • SEEGER ENGINEERING GMBH, Hessisch Lichtenau
  • HTP GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen

BIEGE-ZRE is assigned as a full-service contractor of the project:

  • Planning services for the establishment of the Center for Resources and Energy
  • Approval planning
  • Participation in the awarding of construction services
  • Planning and support of the renovation of existing buildings and facilities on the property
  • Superordinate electrical engineering and control technology
  • Integration of the architectural concept for the entire plant


Stadtreinigung Hamburg AöR


Feb 2017 - Jun 2020

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