Planning and Construction Supervision in Delfzijl



EEW built a third line at the Delfzijl site, which in terms of its design data is similar to the two existing lines. The additionally generated steam is expanded via a back-pressure turbine and made available to the neighboring industrial companies in the form of process steam. The entire project was realized in lots.


  • Scheduling including the project specifications, monitoring and optimizing the appointment process
  • Provision of a data room for the settlement documents
  • Assistance Approval Procedure
  • Revision of the approved plans and for the slag treatment/concept development for the extension slag crane/slag crane extension
  • Preparation of the tender documents for the upgrading existing infrastructure, preparation and participation in the contract awarding
  • Participation, documentation and follow-up of the project meetings
  • Overall planner and detailed design supervisor (boiler, flue gas cleaning, turbine, water-steam cycle, electrical, control & instrumentation)
  • Planning services (interfaces, detailed design of civil structures, connections to the stock, upgrading switchgear and ancillary system
  • Provision of planning services for upgrades in existing, higher-level systems
  • Detailed design for civil structures
  • Examining and approving supplier-specific detailed design/shop drawings
  • Monitoring the update of construction schedule and delivery schedule tracking
  • Construction supervision of technical lots
  • Construction supervision of (required supplements)
  • Construction management of the boiler/BoP, electrical, control & instrumentation, flue gas cleaning, turbine
  • Quality assurance with regard to effectiveness and compliance with customer-specific requirements, participation in supplier quality audits
  • Participation in Commissioning supervision

Technical Data:

  • Construction of a third line
  • Rated thermal input 62,5 MWth
  • Feed grate firing with horizontal draft boiler and external Eco (integrated with flue gas cleaning)
  • Multi-stage flue gas cleaning (sodium bicarbonate absorption, SCR, dry lime absorption/HOK adsorption)
  • Back-pressure turbine with process steam extraction
  • Steam capacity 100 Mg/h 40 bar/400 ° C


EEW Energy from Waste Delfzijl BV


Aug 2016 - Apr 2019

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