Procedural Optimization of Biogas and Exhaust Air Treatment of a Biogas Plant in Schöpstal



The company SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH operates a bio gas plant in Schöpstal nearGörlitz. The plant constantly feeds 750 Nm3/hbio methane into the natural gas grid (60 bar).

The existing Voxibox (product name of a regenerative thermal oxidation) was substituted by a different RTO for optimal functioning of exhaust air treatment so amethane slip of approx. 2 % at an exhaust air stream of approx. 3,000 Nm3/h is ensured.

For the operator of the plant the employer SPIE has designed a technological process concept to reduce methane slippage andsimultaneously provide cost effective cooling / heating energy. The concept is innovative. The exhaust air is cleaned by using regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO).

The cleaned hot exhaust air from the RTO (approx. 300 °C) is used for heat utilization twice and shall be subsequently cooled to approx. 100 °C. The gained heat and cold is used within theplant.


Equipment concept with:

  • Basic flow chart/process flow chart for the exhaust air treatment including downstream cooling device
  • Evaluation of relevant mass flow

Basic design with:

  • Compilation of all relevant data, figures and plans
  • Creation of a process flow chart (RTO and down-stream equipment)
  • Interface definition incl. mass flow,component design data, identification of all connection piping and maininstruments
  • Process description and description of construction measures
  • Creation of a lineup plan (scale 1:200) incl. on-site evaluation
  • Concept of integration in existing controland measurement system
  • Creation of usable section drawings incl.stated heights

Approval Planning incl.:

  • Creation/compilation of the necessary technical data, plans and drawings as well as process descriptions for the application documentation
  • General process description respectively compilation of the Basic Design
  • Creation of an overall layout of the reconstruction measures intended
  • Creation of layout plan with statement ofemission points
  • echnical data sheets of maininstruments/components (in cooperation with suppliers)
  • of integration in existing controland measurement system
  • Data sheets of input materials heights

Detailed Design incl.:

  • Further development of the design and approval planning to the implementation stage as well as preparation of enquiry documents with mass inquiry for requestat individual component suppliers


SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH


June 2016 - June 2017

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