Waste-to-Energy Project in Russia-Volodga

ZAO Wtorressursy - MHKW Volodga


The company "Wtorressursy", which is responsible for the treatment and disposal of residual waste of the city of Vologda, Russia, plans to set up a plant for the mechanical treatment and biological drying of non-hazardous waste (residual waste treatment). In addition to the treatment, landfilling, and drying of residual waste streams, the intended project also includes the use of energy in a waste-to-energy (WtE) plant.

u & i was commissioned to create a waste management concept before concrete investment measures of the contractor have been made. In the course of processing, a detailed comparison of variants was carried out, in which different waste treatment methods were compared technically and economically. In the further course of the cooperation, u & i was commissioned to plan and tender in detail the most advantageous variant.

The plant area of the entire WtE plant includes the following components:

  • Mechanical pre-treatment of the residual waste
  • Biological drying of a fraction of the residual waste
  • Mechanical post-processing of the dried fraction of residual waste (EBS production)
  • Energetic use of the generated substitute fuel

As input to the residual waste treatment plant, the residual waste of the city of Vologda accepted by ZAO "Wtorressursy" is provided. The plant was designed for a nominal input of 160,000 Mg/a. Approx. 93,000 Mg/a RDF is produced and subsequently recycled in the plant. Part of the energy generated can be fed directly into the local district heating network. The rest is converted into electrical energy in a turbine.

Technical Data:

  • 160,000 Mg/a residual waste
  • Approx. 90,000 Mg/a RDF
  • Total heat output: approx.28 MWth
  • Thermal power approx. 105 million kWhth
  • Electrical power approx. 39 million kWhel


ZAO "Wtorressursy" Gennadiy W. Trjanitschew


Dec 2013 - Aug 2014

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